Fall 2008

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means the holidays are upon us!

From now through Jan. 1, you will be taking part in a smorgasbord of eating, shopping, family gatherings, parties, office holiday outings and a host of other activities. Generation Wayne is here to help you get through it all. 

Read on for tips for keeping yourself and your checkbook “fit” during the holidays, check out the career corner and find out how you can connect with alumni.  


Learn How to Lead from Today’s Leaders

The Wayne State University Alumni Association and Dean of Students Office will co-sponsor a series of discussions for current Wayne State students titled “Lessons in Leadership” in 2009. The series will feature former students who are now leaders in business, healthcare, education and government. The lectures will allow you to listen and learn from alumni who, not long ago, were in your shoes. You will have to the opportunity speak with the each of the presenters about their leadership experiences and the role leadership plays in the work they do every day. 

There are two lessons planned for 2009:

Lesson #1: 
Mildred Matlock, Chief Operating Officer, Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
4 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 20
Alumni House
441 Ferry Mall, Wayne State

Lesson #2: 
Jim Garavaglia, Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Compliance and Public Affairs, Comerica Inc.
5 p.m. Tuesday, March 31
Alumni House
441 Ferry Mall, Wayne State

The lectures are free and open to all current Wayne State students. 
Click here for more information.  


Staying Fit During the Holidays

So you just stuffed yourself at the Thanksgiving table and are debating whether to have that second slice of pumpkin pie, all while slipping into a turkey-induced sleep. 

As you start to nod off with visions of cranberries, yams and thoughts of leftovers, you realize that this is just the start of the holiday eating season, and if you want to be able to enjoy all the upcoming eating festivities, with minimal evidence to your body, you better act now! 
Check out how you can stay fit during the holidays while still enjoying all of your favorite holiday treats!

In addition to poor eating, the stress of the holidays might also negatively affect you. Keeping the peace between friends and family holiday gatherings, while trying to get everything done on your never-ending to-do list, can definitely wreak havoc on your life. Don’t let the stress take over and ruin the fun! Click here for tips for battling the holiday stress and staying “mentally fit.”

You’ve got your mind and body covered, but what about the finances? Rather than fear the January credit card bills, spend wisely now and truly be happy in 2009.  Keep the checkbook in check and the credit cards under control by following a few easy steps. Click here for 10 ways to keep yourself from overspending. 


Career Corner

Are you about to graduate? Looking for a job in this ever-changing economy? Check out the alumni association job board for the latest job postings. 

Also, visit the Career Services Center online at www.careerservices.wayne.edu for information on making appointments with counselors, getting ready to interview, writing your resume and attending career fairs. 

Visit www.alumni.wayne.edu for information in the coming months on the upcoming CareerBoost! program, Feb.19, titled “ Stay Optimistic, Motivated and Energized in a Constricting Economy,” which discusses motivation and staying motivated as a job seeker. 


Five FREE Ways to Further Your Education

Between the economic downturn and the ever-rising cost of tuition, most people have less extra cash to spend these days on education and personal development. But whether you are interested in increasing your expertise in a particular subject for your career or just have a life-long desire for knowledge, there are many options for furthering your education without breaking the bank.  Here are five free things you can do right away: 

  • Make use of local museums. Most museums offer at least one day a month in which admission is free. Check the Web site of your local museum to find out which day(s) they offer no or even low-cost admission. A museum is a great place to learn about history, art, fashion, technology, and more. Many museums also offer free lecture tours, lecture series, or supplementary educational materials. Click here for deals on a free admission to many of the Detroit area museums. 
  • Learn a new language on the Internet. Livemocha, an online language learning community with more than 1 million members worldwide, provides instructional content and the opportunity to practice language with native speakers through chat and video. The site includes lessons in 12 popular foreign languages, including Spanish, French, German, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Icelandic, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese and Korean. Best of all, it’s free to join!
  • Get a library card. Most libraries offer a free or low-cost membership. After you get a membership, you can check out as many books and videos as you want for free. If you’re interested in a particular subject areas, most libraries have computer catalogs that allow you to search titles for specific to your interest area. The library can also be a great place to get involved with a book club or study group on a particular topic of interest.
  • Find free online resources for computer training. Various vendors offer free online tutorials for their software. Whether you’re interested in photo restoration or programming, you can probably find a free course online. Click here to check out current offerings from HP.  


On the Town

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest nights of the year for going out. With family and friends visiting, show them a good time in the D. 
Click here for ideas and info on all the hot spots in metro Detroit.


Become a Member Before You Graduate

You can get connected to the alumni association even before you graduate!  Become a student member today for only $5.

When you join the alumni association as a student, you will have the opportunity to network with alumni, get involved with the alumni association before you graduate and meet new people through volunteer opportunities. You also will receive member-only benefits and services, including FREE admission to CareerBoost! programs, a subscription to Wayne State magazine, monthly e-newsletters, event invitations, discounts and much more. 

Join now for just $5 and get connected today.

For more information on you can get involved with the alumni association as a student, click here or call (313) 577-2300.


Graduating in December? Join the alumni association for only $10

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Stay connected after you graduate by joining the alumni association. As a new graduate, you can join the alumni association for $10 for two years and begin receiving all of the alumni association benefits, such as a subscription to Wayne State magazine, graduate school application fee waiver and discounts on home, auto and life insurance.

Click here to join today!  


He is Generation Wayne: 

Anil Mulchandani, B.S. ’02, School of Business Administration, Marketing

Anil lives in Chicago, where he is a product specialist for Thomson Reuters’ Quantitative Analysics division. When he is not on the job, he enjoys exploring the city, joining amateur sports leagues, attending art and comedy shows and checking out the museums. 

He wouldn’t be where he is today without Wayne State, and while he was a student, his favorite thing about Wayne State was exposure to and involvement with various urban businesses.

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